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Zie hieronder het escort en massage nieuws dat u heeft geselecteerd. Vergeet niet dat als u geen nieuws wilt missen, u moet inloggen en u moet aanmelden voor onze nieuwsbrief.

We currently cannot accept PAYGOO CARDS! (Norway and Sweden)

We currently cannot accept PAYGOO CARDS! (Norway and Sweden)

They claim we sell illegal services, RealEscort is an advertising website, we sell advertising only!.
High Court of Norway has already ruled sites like ours don’t break the law in selling advertising!
See case here on VG.NO
They have stopped answering our emails..

We are in the process of making a Lawsuit case on them, and our lawyers are gathering evidence and making ready.

Did you talk to Paygoo, Ask for money back?
Please help to fight against Paygoo wrongly blocking RealEscort, e-mail them and complain that your card is not working.

Here is what we recommend you do.

Contact Paygoo, Complain that your card is not working.

Tell them what website the card is not working on (Realescort).

Tell them that the website has already informed you their credit card system works fine, but Paygoo has blocked Paygoo cards.

Tell them you want your money back.
Tell them, on their website they already state its a MasterCard and you can use the card on all sites that offer MasterCard credit card payment, and you don't accept to pay 125 kroner they ask for refunding your money! You did not get the product they advertised, so you are entitled to a full refund by law! You could also involve Ombudsman (Norwegian: Forbrukerombudet), if they refuse!

Paygoo email is:
For Sweden:
For Norway:

We welcome you to send us pictures of emails you have send to them, so we can have this as evidence, where they tell you we do something illegal, as that's not true and damning to our reputation, and tarnishing of our brand!

Make a support ticket, and send your picture or screen-shots of what they have told you.
(don't worry we will blur our your private information)

Some samples below.

RealEscort and PayGoo

Advertiser and Paygoo